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HaShizra at Flam Winery

HaShizra community met at Flam winery for our first professional content and tasting event. The event was led by Camilia (Cami) Flam, mother of the Flam family, one of the founders and the owner of the winery.

For the most part, we see her behind the curtains or as a guest of honor, but in this event, for the first time, we heard her story. A story about a woman of vision, an entrepreneur, a businesswoman who, with a lot of courage, has led important moves from the establishment of the winery to its growth into new business channels in recent years. We talked about entrepreneurship, the challenges along the way, women in the world of business and the opportunities they are offered. When we see a woman like Cami, we know it is worth it to follow our dreams. Cami never wanted to be in the front of the house, but was always a hands-on businesswoman. During this event, she stepped out of her usual position to inspire our community.

During this intimate meeting with Cami, we had a premiere tasting of “Camila 2020”. Following this, we continued on with a wine tasting led by Golan Flam, winemaker of the winery. Golan told us about growing grapes in the Judean Mountains, the work in the vineyards and the region’s expression in the wine. We compared tasted “Flam Classico 2013”, “Flam Classico 2019” and “Syrah 2019”. We also compared “Nobel 2013” and “Nobel 2019”.

The food was crafted by a HaShizra member and local of the Judean Hills, Itiela Hayat. She prepared a local seasonal menu. Itiela is a farmer who lives in the Judean Hills, a WSET graduate and recently the winner of “Master Chef”. Itiela prepared a meal that connected us to the terroir and land of the Judean Hills region.

What else? A tour of Flam’s barrel room, greeting from Gilad Flam, the CEO, a meeting with all the Flam family (Gilad, Cami, Golan, Gefen and Israel) and networking with professional women from all over the industry and the country.

Many thanks to Flam winery for the initiative and the genuine and natural collaboration. A winery that is a beacon of professionalism, quality and as it turns out after the visit- social responsibility as well. All the proceeds from the event were allocated towards the activity of HaShizra and the women of its community.

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