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Here There and Everywhere

Shira Granot and Lee Hoffmann Agiv are The Wine Fairies. The two curated an all Israeli wine menu comprising over 140 labels for HaGefen in Jaffa. That's why the beautiful garden patio setting was the perfect place to hold our guided tasting:

3 flights of Israeli wines inspired by wines from around the world. We talked about the similarities between them, the Israeli interpretation and the mark that these styles left on the world of wine.

The fairy dust must have worked, as we were reminded by the two professionals Shira and Lee that first and foremost, wine should be delicious and fun. 

We tasted a Sauvignon Blanc from Sphera versus a Sancerre, Pure Ku from Seahorse versus a Burgundy and Netofa's Tempranillo versus a Rioja.

The imported wines were courtesy of Hacarem Spirits Ltd.

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