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Bastille with Bourgogne Crown

We celebrated Bastille Day at the new Bourgogne Crown loft with a colorful, Francophile production.

15 wines that are fun to drink on a Friday afternoon from producers that express the beauty of Burgundy, Loire, Jura and other French wine regions.

Pouring the wine: sommeliers May Zonshein and Ofir Basnov

In charge of cheese: Rosie, the owner of a delicatessen in Hatikva market

On gougeres: Jessica Khabie, the confectioner with hands of gold

On flowers: Doron Rubinfeld, owner of Root Flowers and Chateau Shual

On music: Noa Berger, our friend who is no stranger to French culture

Thanks to Linoy Revivo for the culinary production and advice.

And to all the people that came out to be with us, old friends and new. It was great celebrating with you!

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