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Women leading wine culture

Israel's women in wine community 

Welcome to HaShizra!

Discover the growing community of women in the Israeli wine world. HaShizra (The Stem) was established in order to expand the work of women in the wine, culinary and spirit industries, to provide them with professional tools and to highlight women’s increasing presence in the world of wine.

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 Leading an equal and conscious wine culture

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Promoting professionalism in the wine and food industry

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Providing a business toolkit for the fast-paced work environment. 

Our vision is to promote women of the Israeli wine industry, and thereby Israeli wine culture.

Women of HaShizra

Meet our community members; their professional achievements, backgrounds, passion for wine and how to connect with them.

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Roni Saslove

אורית גרינבוים-לירון_edited.jpg

Orit Greenboim-Liron

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Michal Akerman

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Shali Shalit- Shoval

HaShizra's Library

Explore articles written about our community members who are making a difference.

ייננית יוצרת יין

Wine Creator

Getting to Know Women Israeli Winemakers, Through Photos and Conversations.

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inspirational interviews with women in the wine industry around the world.



Throughout history, wine was a masculine business, from manufacturer to customer. Although nowadays one can see women in leading positions in the industry, they remain a minority.
HaShizra was established in 2021 as a social business whose goal is to narrow down the gender gap in the wine industry and, to provide professional and business tools to women in the industry. 
We believe that our work will not only promote the women of this industry, but will broaden the circles of all wine lovers and develop the wine and culinary culture in Israel.

"I'm so glad we finally have a community of women, that is so accepting and accessible to women in every stage of their experience in the field".

Noam Steinhart

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