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Why was HaShizra established?

As the culture of wine develops in Israel, more and more women are becoming involved in the industry: female winemakers, importers, sommeliers, restaurant managers and the like.

Many of them have achieved remarkable results in their respective fields, and through their work, have become role models for the next generation of women entering the wine industry. However, women are still a minority in a male dominated industry.

It was clear that the Israeli wine industry needed a community to empower women and lead the way in fighting gender inequality. As a result, the community “HaShizra – Israeli Women in Wine” was founded in February 2021 by wine educator Tal Tauber Gottesdiner

HaShizra was established to expand the work of women in the wine, culinary and spirit industries, to provide them with professional tools and to highlight women’s increasing presence in the world of wine.

Who we are

HaShizra’s community currently includes over 900 women who work in the wine, culinary and spirit industries, as well as women interested in pursuing a career in the industry.

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HaShizra Members

During the first year of establishment, over 260 women joined as official members of HaShizra. This membership (that includes a one-time payment) allows member to enjoy special opportunities.

Our vision is to promote women of the Israeli wine industry, and thereby Israeli wine culture.

Business model

HaShizra is a social business, as opposed to a profit-maximizing business. It was created and designed to address a social problem and its profits are reinvested in the growth and development of the business.

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טל טאובר גוטסדינר

About the Founder – Tal Tauber Gottesdiner

Wine Educator, Wine Writer “HaShulchan”, WSET Level 3 Award

Tal has a BA in Behavioral Sciences. She has worked as a project manager in Non Profit and Corporate sectors. Eventaully, she chose to turn her passion for wine into a profession.

Tal joined W – the Israeli branch of the global WSET Wine Education organization. Initially, she worked in marketing and then became a lecturer in the WSET Level 2 courses. In February 2021 Tal founded HaShizra, and is working full time in developing and growing HaShizra locally and internationally.

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