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Conscious Culinary

Year to year the discourse on sustainability expands, and with it the understanding that when we talk about the future of human existence, it is not enough to talk only about the environment, but also about the social and economic system in which we live. For us at HaShizra, as a social business operating for a balanced and healthy social system, it was clear that we needed to get together as a community and talk about the trends that are happening in the world today. And in particular, to talk about our ability as women in wine and culinary, and how we influence wider audiences.

Together with the perfect partnership of Efrat Enzel, Galil Mountain Winery and Abie restaurant - we created content on the application of sustainability in wine and food.

We met at Abie on a Friday morning and heard an eye-opening lecture by Efrat on how what we consume affects our future. During the riveting talk, the wonderful wines of the Galil Mountain Winery were poured, and special dishes from Abie's kitchen - each wine and dish paired to the content of the lecture, and expressing a principle we learned about (recycling, food reduction, circular economy and more).

Avishag Levy, Abie's chef and one of the most promising women in Israeli cuisine, talked about the restaurant's inspiring agenda, and shattered the myth that 'healthy is isn't tasty'.

Next, Keshet Razili-Michaeli, manager of Galil Mountain Winery, shared the pioneering sustainability processes they have been spearheading at the winery for 7 years. She also offered the women of the community counseling from the winery staff in order to learn from them. We see this a extremely important because sharing knowledge is one of the main values ​we espouse and encourage.

Many thanks to the winery staff: Keshet Razili-Michaeli, Dana Sharon, Hagar Shamir, Yael Gai, and Mor Green.

Big thanks to Abie's team for the partnership and perfect hospitality: Keren Eini, Assaf Doktor, Avishag Levy.

Thanks to the one and only Efrat Anzel without whom nothing would have even started to happen. And thanks to the 60 people who joined us for tasting, their hearts open and their minds open. It was truly a special occasion that we will remember for a long time to come.

Photos by Tali Talmid

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