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Four Shades of Chenin Blanc

On a Sunday morning we met to taste together one unique and special grape variety. A grape that is so versatile, that even in the desert growing region it shows several different expressions.

Dana Beny, the winemaker of Nana Winery, explained to us the characteristics of this variety and demonstrated it with a comparative tasting of 5 different Chenins: 2021 vintage Chenin blanc, a new and cloudy pet-nat in a premiere tasting, 2020 vintage in a barrel vs. 2018 vintage in a barrel and a new dessert wine. All wines are made from Chenin Blanc grapes grown in the desert, which thanks to the unique micro-climate of the vineyards, and Dana's meticulous winemaking had kicking acid and wonderful freshness. On the culinary side, we joined the amazing, aesthetic and delicious restaurant OPA, by the talented Berger sisters, Shirel and Sharona. OPA makes us all fall in love with the beauty and complexity of seasonal vegetables and fruits, in a way that is second to none in the country. Shirel is one of the most exciting chefs we have seen in Israeli cuisine, and especially for our tasting she made us unique bites that she paired to the wines we tasted.

We even had a spontaneous after party on the roof of the restaurant and a glimpse into the growing and fermenting processes that make it so unique. Many thanks to Nana Winery - Dana Beny, Lee Ben-Yehuda and Sara Mula, and thanks to the OPA team conducted by Sharona and Shirel. Thanks also to everyone who joined us for a taste!

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