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Hashizra at Domaine du Castel

What more can be said about Domaine du Castel? Professionalism, quality, tradition and innovation. HaShizra’s visit to the winery was a testament to all those. We gathered on the terrace, enjoying the beautiful scenery and glasses of La Vie Rose. The visit continued into the barrel room where we heard from Michal Kalisher, a new member of the winery’s team, she spoke all about the winery’s process. As a community of women wine professionals, it is important for us to hear about the women who lead this culture. Seeing such an influential winery, like Castel, with a woman CEO was inspiring to all the HaShizra members.

Shali Shalit Shoval paved her professional path with wisdom, talent and determination. And with great generosity from her and the winery - she shared her story with all of us. After Shali’s talk, we dived into the tasting of the Domaine du Castel and Raziel’s wines. Eli Ben Zaken - the owner, the legendary vintner, lead the tasting and expressed the exceptional qualities of Castel and Raziel. The tasting included, among other wines, “C Castel 2015” which displayed the aging capacity of the winery’s wines, the new sparkling wine and Grand Vin directly from the barrel in the midst of their process that aroused great curiosity and anticipation for the future.

The food was made by our community member Nurit Hertz, who made delicious and sophisticated bite sized dishes using locally grown ingredients. A big thank you to the winery’s team for the warm welcome, professionalism, inspiration and the journey we share.

Thank you, David Silverman, for the wonderful pictures!

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