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Instagram Marketing Workshop

When we originally asked Stav Katz to lead an Instagram Marketing Workshop, we thought she would give a technical workshop about the app's features. What we did not expect was a performance!

While giving us tips for how to use hashtags, reels, and useful apps, Stav also taught us how to look at Instagram differently and help us understand its power in community communication, and to discover that this tool, which may sometimes seem superficial, contains a rich world of content that if we learn how to consume properly - we may love it as much as Stav does.

Many thanks to Dallal for the wonderful hospitality – Ketty the restaurant manager, Dooshi the restaurant owner, and Timor the pastry chef.

Thanks to HaGefen and Mano Vino for bringing us Pasqua wines. They were the natural partners in this workshop, being pioneers in social media and making wine accessible to consumers of all ages, and it is always fun when these connections happen from within the community, so thanks to Anat Luk for stepping up. We thought we would take a few sips but as befits a wine community, and since the wine was delicious - many bottles were sipped.

A BIG thanks to Stav for a workshop we will remember for a long time.

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