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Mika Winery Tasting

Mika Ran Mendel's story is one of entrepreneurship and the fulfillment of a dream. We met Mika at an interesting point in time, after her first vintage, in which she produced 10,000 bottles, researched many grape varieties, and experimented with every aspect of growing, production and marketing in the winery. 

The winery is located in Moshav Natur in the Golan, and was built in Mika's spirit and vision. Her family is a central and important axis in her personal and professional life. When asked what she would like to talk about at our tasting, this is exactly what she said: family, land, creativity - and everything in between. And so it was, with an intimate crowd of wine lovers.

We met for an afternoon tasting and conversation at a longstanding hidden gem and an oasis in the city of  Ra'anana, Makom Ba'Lev.  We tasted Mika's bottled white wines of her 2021 vintage: Sauvignon Blanc- Roussanne, Chardonnay, Riesling, Gewurztraminer and Rose. We tasted a barrel sample of her reds, rich with fresh fruits, that left us intrigued about her upcoming bottles.

Thanks to Mika, who, while working non-stop at the winery and at home, met with us and shared her journey openly and generously.

Thanks to Makom Ba'Lev and the Shastel family for their hospitality and making us feel at home.

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