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Natural Wines Tasting with Asis

We started the week at the new wine bar, Bouquet. They generously hosted us for a Sunday morning tasting of the wild and tasty wines of Asis – a natural wine importer. It's hard to believe that Asis is only two years old. It feels as though Natalie Shafrir has always been around, exciting us with her wild spirit. If you ask us, this is really just the beginning and we will hear a lot about her and the wines she works with in the future.

Aside from the excellent wines that Natalie imports, she is simply a model of female entrepreneurship. If the world of wine is considered masculine, the world of wine imports is Male-dominated several times over. She and of course the Giacondas (another women lead team of importers in Tel Aviv) can tell you that. There are truly amazing entrepreneurs here to look up to.

Additionally, Shai Dagan, head of the wine and sake program at the exclusive restaurant "a" created a dreamy lineup for us. She was meant to be present to pour for us alongside Natalie but was kept away due to illness. Nonetheless, we enjoyed her spectacular choices about which Natalie gave us full explanations.

It was a morning that combined a professional tasting with a discussion on the philosophy and future of the most talked about wines in the world today.

It can't be taken for granted that women wine professionals would fill a room on a Sunday morning for a tasting. Yet, here we are, the next generation, and cheers to that.

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