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Ribera del Duero Wine Journey

We went on a 6-day trip to Spain with a group of 14 women and men, immersing ourselves in the wine, food, agriculture and culture. A trip like this is not something we take for granted given our national circumstances. Each of us carried our own pain, our thoughts consumed by the war and hostages. Yet we also brought hopes for the future.

We're grateful for the open-mindedness of those who joined a wine trip for the first time. It was a joy and privilege to share these moments together.

For those returning again, thank you for your trust - you reminded us how the human connections make this experience truly special.

To the mothers who provided understanding embraces during moments of homesickness.

To Orit Grinboim Liron for her boundless knowledge, the wine flowing from morning to night and her dedication.

And to the young and veteran winemakers of the Ribera del Duero region - the entrepreneurs, winery folks, sommeliers and chefs. Thank you for your hospitality and passion in a region only appreciated in recent decades. You preserved traditions while innovating, driving meteoric growth.

Finally, thank you to the Vinspiration team who made this transformative journey possible. Despite all our challenges, this experience transcended.

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