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The ancient winery in Yavne

A recently excavated winery, that operated 1,500 ago during the Byzantine period was recently opened to the public in Yavne. Before the impressive site was covered for conservation activities, we had the opportunity to visit the area and heard from Yigal Radshkovsky. An archeologist and guide from the Israel Antiquities Authority from the Rehovot sub-district.

We were privileged to have Lori Lender join us on a tour and enrich us with her knowledge.

Lori is the winemaker at Tzafririm Winery and worked for the Israel Antiquities Authority for many years. She brought her wine “Adulam” for us to raise a glass. Even in the field we drank with quality glasses, thanks to Sheli Calacuda from Supernova.

Many thanks to Naomi Adar Hoffman for organizing the tour.

Thanks goes to Ortal Svetlana Bekker for her fabulous photos and drone footage.

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