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Bastille Day at Par Derrière

This event originated from an idea about a small gathering of a few members and grew to a festive event in the honor of Bastille Day. We decided upon the theme of this event: The history and concept of “terroir”, French wine, coffee and patisserie.

Noa Berger took us on a culinary journey through time, beginning at the idea of different plots in vineyards, through the French revolution to the influence of industrialization on cheeses, the monarchy of Louis XIV all the way to the 21st century and the connection of all this to coffee as well. Noa demonstrated the changes in history using French cheeses that accompanied the lecture and provided a deeper understanding of the country that might be the biggest contributor to the global wine culture.

Noga Smilovici poured wines, imported by Aspirit, from our favorite wine regions: Chablis, Provence, and Crozes-Hermitage. In honor of this occasion, we tasted Ruinart, the oldest established Champagne house.

A moment before we all went our separate ways, the guests received surprises: personal Madeleines made by the confectioner Jessica Khabie and coffee from the French roasting house of Lomi and the Brazilian Daterra coffee farm. The coffee was delivered to us from Paris especially for this event and was grinded locally thanks to our dear friends in “Waycup Coffee”.

A big thank you to Par Derriere wine bar in Jaffa, that prepared delicious French finger food for this event and generously hosted us. They were the obvious and perfect partners for this event.

The event was photographed by David Silverman, Israel’s leading wine photographer.

Thank you to all our celebrators who proved we can connect academic content with a joyous wine event.

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