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HaShizra Opening Event

Professional women throughout the country and from all aspects of the wine industry made

their way to Kandinoff House in Jaffa. It was a wine tasting event focused on networking,

and indeed many connections were made. We have no doubt that these connections will

yield collaborations amongst women who work in the field of wine in Israel. As befits a

professional event for women in wine, a variety of wines were poured, all from wineries

where women hold positions at an executive level.

Imported wines from HaCarem were: Allegrini, Antinori, M. Chapoutier, Trimbach, Villa

Maria, Catena Zapata, and Château de la Gravelle. There were local wines as well: Ahat

Winery, Vitkin Winery and Neta Winery. Delectable bites were courtesy of Amita, a bakery

belonging to Michal Bouton and Anna Shapiro.

Tal Tauber Gottesdiner, founder and director of the community, greeted those present and

talked about the future plans of HaShizra and turning it into a social business. Anat Agmon

stunned with her lecture named Stems and Tendrils; the struggle to bear fruit in male

dominated areas and what it takes to climb to the top. And in the end, there was a surprise:

Ruhama Raz, who is also Tal's mother, in a live performance with the song "Chalomot"


Photos by Bar Cohen

BAR#code Photography

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