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Tabor tasting at Rutenberg

The first time HaShizra we met up north, it was for a very special evening at Rutenberg restaurant, located in the old Gesher kibbutz. Before entering the restaurant, we walked a few meters and passed the security fence that led straight to the Jordan border. There, a member of the kibbutz, Hedva Hadar, told us about the history of this place.

After the short tour we entered the warm restaurant, which was very cozy on such a cold winter evening. Wonderful Tabor wines were poured in our glasses, as we enjoyed a dinner and a tasting of wines that were specially selected for this occasion.

At the center of the event were two of the leading women in the Israeli wine culture. Michal Akerman - the manager of Tabor winery, an agronomist and the woman that lead the impressive ecological revolution in Tabor Winery. Hila Ronen Sahar - the owner of Rutenberg restaurant, previously a professional manager at Shaked company and at Derech Ha'yain, and the one responsible for the wine menu of Rotenberg, which is one of the best and prominent wine menus in Israel. This menu was completed with a new wine that was just bottled this week and is the result of a cooperation between Tabor and Rutenberg - a wonderful and aromatic French Colombard. We were lucky to be the first to try it, and to engage an intimate conversation with Michal and Hila.

They told us about their childhood in the kibbutz, about their professional paths, and about the environment that was manly but is changing. They also talked about the choices they had made that led them to where they are today, about the innovative processes that are happening in the winery and at the restaurant, and about the special connection between the two of them.

We want to thank Michal Akerman, Or Nidbach the winemaker of Tabor Winery, Roni Harari (Marketing) and the Tabor team. Thanks Hila, Izhar and the Rotenberg team.

Photos by Dafi Kremer

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