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Tasting Recanati at Ouzeria

When planning our workshop with Recanati Winery, we only had eyes for grapes. It was harvest and we wanted to delve into the raw material behind wine.

So, why didn't we go to the actual harvest? Harvest is a very busy time of year. There are many moving parts that take place in a vineyard and at a winery. We needed time – and the space – to talk about the grapes, without any rush.

Maayan Chai - director of the vineyards and the agricultural department of Recanati Winery and a member of HaShizra - arrived equipped with clusters from the area. She explained to us very professionally how to taste wine grapes, what needs to happen for good ripening and also gave us a glimpse of her day-to-day work in the vineyards.

The head winemaker of the winery, Kobi Arviv spoke about the winemaking that completes the growth process, and together we tasted wines made from Marselan, Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and a French Blend, all from 2020. It was exciting to see the direction he is leading the winery.

The grapes were also the main attraction on our plates; Avivit Priel - chef, restaurateur, entrepreneur - prepared delicacies for us on her home turf, Ouzeria; bread with a grape leaf dip, wine-washed cheese, stuffed grape leaves, grape ceviche with young grape vinegar, bruschetta with wine grape jam and marinade, and finally for dessert a yogurt ice cream with grape syrup and dried grape leather.

Avivit told us about the origins of the foods and shared her career journey, which includes the establishment of one of the first wine bars in the city.

Many thanks to Liat Mishan for accepting the challenge and bringing bunches of grapes all the way from the vineyard to Matalon street for us to study.

A huge thanks also to Avivit whose restaurant and food fit us like a glove.

Photos by Liron Almog

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