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Tel Winery Tasting

Tel Winery is a winery headed by one woman, Lital Ovadia.

Lital specializes in the production of varietal wines in the northern Golan Heights. The winery's first harvest was in 2019, and since then it has grown in production quantities and new plots have been planted.

It is impossible not to admire Lital's determination to establish and develope an agricultural farm in the Golan Heights, and her faith in the entire process of making wine; From the growing of the grapes, through the production of the wine to the management. Lital can be found between the vineyard and the winery (in Moshav Sha'al), sometimes hosting visitors there, and she is rarely found outside the northern Golan.

But once a year, Lital - who is also a member of our community - comes to taste with us at the city center of Tel Aviv.

At this year's tasting, we were hosted at the Par Derrier wine bar in Jaffa.

We tasted new wines that have not yet been released to the market, as well as some that have already run out, but Lital kept aside for us especially for this evening.

In her professional and impressive manner, Lital told us about her choice to produce only varietal wines, and about the varieties that stand out for their quality in the unique terroir of the northern Golan.

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