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In honor of the New Year, we met at the Vivian cocktail bar for an uplifting and delicious event led by the most established women mixologists in Tel Aviv: Mor Koral, Adaya Lange, Noam Sharet and Aviv Shakuri.

In preparation for this event, our mixologists decided to push their boundaries and challenge themselves to make craft cocktails inspired by classic wine regions from around the world. This resulted in new recipes, techniques and a fascinating menu. This event was a full blown party, no lectures or sit down wine tastings – just a celebration of life in the middle of Shuk HaCarmel.

Thank you to Aviv Shkury for initiating the evening. Thanks to Mor Koral for coming up with the brilliant concept for the menu. Thank you to Adaya Lange for standing behind the bar with us after years of being behind the scenes, she was the perfect connector in this event. Thanks to Noam Sharet for impeccable professionalism and respect for the profession. Thanks to Mika Lupo-Weiss and Noa Berger's partnership in design and production. Thanks to Ortal Svetlana Bekker who always has good ideas, and to David Silverman who joined her and took portraits of the women in the community.

Thanks to Ketel One and IBBLS that made this event the most professional, and on almost impossible schedules. Thank you for coming to celebrate with us!

Photos by Drink TLV

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