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Winter Foraging & Pinot Noir

We went on a winter foraging tour in the Judean Hills with our community member, forager and talented chef Nura (Nurit) Hertz. We met at Nura's home in the village of Mata, drank a glass of morning champagne and went out to the forest - excited to smell the cold earth and discover the wild herbs and mushrooms that the (too short) winter brings.

We celebrated the winter abundance of the forest with a hot meal based on garden fresh vegetables, especially prepared for us by Nura and her team.

And in honor of the season - we chose to dedicate the wine menu to one of our favorite varieties - Pinot Noir. A variety that is characterized by red fruit flavors with nuances of mushrooms and forest floor - perfectly paired with the meal.

Together with Noga Shmilovich, Hashizra member and Aspirit's wine department manager - we curated a lineup of Pinot Noirs from different parts of the world, some of them newly imported to Israel.

We talked a little, drank a lot and ate excellent dishes that warmed us up in the cold season.

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